Why You Need A Brand That Defines Your Story


Last week we discussed one of the most important steps in the branding process which is: research, research, and more research. You can check that post out over here. This week we are going to talk about the why. Why do you need a brand that defines your story? And how can you really hone in and discover who you are? We believe that am emphasis on research and storytelling is what makes businesses the most successful. 

So let's go over three reasons why you need a brand that defines your story.

It builds a connection with your audience.

By developing a brand based off of your values and goals, you’ll come out with something that people can stand behind and relate to. Sharing your story and what matters most to you builds that trust factor which is majorly important when connecting with people. Successful brands care more about their values when it comes to campaigns, marketing, or brand design and thats because it's what makes their audience raving fans. We’ve got a great post over here talking about using values when it comes to promoting your business.

At the end of the day, the most important thing in your brand is your audience and customers. How can you connect with them? People are tired of brands being fake and phony just to get them to sign up for something or buy their products. People want a genuine connection, so the best way to start is to figure out who you are, what you care about, why you are doing what you do, and how you can make a difference in their life. By figuring those out you can strategize your design, marketing, and content to highlight those stories which in return helps build a deeper connection with your people.

It supports your values and your mission.

If you focusing your efforts on developing a story about your brand, you’ll be able to provide yourself, or your designer with super important information when it comes to the design process. Cody and I make sure with every client we work with that we mutually understand who the client really is and what is important to them. This helps us create a brand that is aligned with the entire brand direction. Each design is thoughtfully considered. This means that we do not just design stuff because it looks pretty, but because it works for the brand. We make sure that we are able to describe why we made each decision to our client so that they understand why we used a specific color, font, or photograph. We also remind our clients that they need to have a brand that their audience will love, and not a brand that they personally are attached to. They may really love the way handwritten fonts look, but if that style doesn’t support the brands values, mission, or goals..then it may not work, resulting in having to rebrand later down the road. Focusing on what supports and defines your story is the answer to creating a timeless brand.

It makes you unique.

Trends are simply just trendy, and yes it may be great to have a logo that looks super cool and is whats hot right now.. but if you really think about that, how long will that brand last if its only based on something you think looks cool? You brand design should support your values and goals. It should not be your favorite color or font at the moment. This is why a lot of the times people end up having to rebrand every year. They redesign something based off of whats cool or trendy in their industry. By focusing on the brand story, you’ll end up with a brand that is 100% you. You are what makes your business unique and its important to stop trying to be like everyone else and focus on your own uniqueness in the world. So, by having a brand that tells your story you stand out among the masses because your story is YOU. Not anyone else. It's important to remember that:

What makes other brands successful, is not what will make your brand successful. 

Now that you know why it’s important to have a brand that defines your story, how can you discover who you really are? This part is really challenging, even for us! The hardest thing in the world is to describe yourself. Which is why people can often have lame about me profiles..think long walks on the beach, and sunsets.

This is why hiring someone else to help you or even chatting with a friend or family member, is huge! Even for Cody and I, we needed help figuring out who we really were and what we cared about. We were able to sit down with a content strategist to help us define who we were and the type of people we wanted to work with. We already knew, but having someone put it in words for us made it so much easier. Just sitting down with another person, being asked the right questions, and articulating your responses can drastically improve your brand.

A part of our signature process for developing meaningful brands for our clients is an emphasis on storytelling. We spend a good chunk of time working and developing values, missions, goals, and digging deep into discovering our clients brands. Also, before we even touch any visual parts and pieces of the brand, we have a rock solid foundation to start with. This helps create a deeper meaning behind your brand that can build lasting trustworthy connections with your audience. You’ll end up with a brand that supports your values and your mission, and you will stand out because you have a brand that makes you unique! There is nothing more sincere and unique than who you already are.

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