Why We Renamed and Rebranded Our Business

If you are new here, then you may not know this, but, we just rebranded and renamed our entire business. This change has been in the works for a while now. previously we were known as State of Mind Studio. That original name was created in 2014 while we were both sitting on our porch in downtown Portland drinking some cold ones. We were in college during this time of our lives, our imaginations were running wild with ideas on how we could create a sustainable business for ourselves.

The thought didn’t even make us flinch.  Not having a real job? That meant freedom for us. It gave us the control over our own destiny, and our eyes opened wide with all of the possibilities. So we dove right in. The first step was choosing a name for our business and developing a business plan. We tossed names back and forth..but nothing stuck. Finally, we decided to choose State of Mind Studio. This name was the name of a snowboarding company I had invented for one of my design projects while studying graphic design at Portland State University. We felt like the name just worked for what we wanted to do. We loved the outdoors and we wanted to do it all. Cody was studying film, so we both could bring something different and unique to the table. 

Over the years, our direction shifted. We worked with many different types of clients. Stock photography, wedding photography, campaign videos, music videos, branding projects, logo designs, video editing, website design. You name it. Everything. 

It wasn’t until after all those projects and being full time as an entrepreneur that we realized..

"Being the jack of all trades will not bring you the type of work you love."

So we had to narrow it down to the one thing that made us the most excited. Video. 

Cody is amazing with cinematography and composing all of our shots into a beautiful story. I realized that by focusing all of our energy into one service..we could provide the BEST service possible to our clients. This lets us focus more on what we enjoy and less on trying to please everyone. 

So with that shift in our business direction came a longing for a name that represented us better. We’ve grown as a couple and as a business..so we really wanted to define what makes us unique. State of Mind Studio was a great name to start with, but we wanted something that stands out, feels powerful, bold, and fun. So with that said, I wanted to break it down into 4 simple bullet points on why we decided to change everything.


Like I said above, we noticed a shift in our business direction and felt the need to change everything because we wanted to be known for something else. 


We have noticed over the last couple years that the outdoor industry was getting extremely popular. Our brand and content looked too much like what everyone else was doing. There was nothing about our presence that really stood out.


State of Mind is everywhere, all over everything. The phrase or concept isn’t something entirely new  and we weren’t the only people with that name. So, it made it hard for us to be memorable.


We want to work with outdoor brands, but specifically ones aimed towards action sports in the outdoors. Snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing..etc. We love action and high energy activities, so creating a name and brand that encompassed that energy was needed.


We are really excited about our new direction and have a much more defined focus on what we do. Our strategy for our new direction is to share more lifestyle content that shows off the type of work we can create. Instead of being a source of information, we essentially create outdoor video content for our own brand and share that on our website and social media platforms. Those who would be interested in that content will hopefully come back to our site, see that we offer the same work as a service and then work with us. 

By using video content and our blog to share more intimate details of our lifestyle, we are able to build more trust and connections with others. This in turn will help us create relationships with people and eventually open up the door of opportunity to create amazing meaningful content with them.

We also wanted to make our values or manifesto the forefront of our business. By sharing content that aligns with all of these we are able to show others what we care about most. 

At the end of the day, we just want to create stuff that makes people laugh, smile, or feel inspired to do good for the world.


  • Create more lifestyle content: We'll be sharing more content on our lifestyle. Van life, environmental practices, travel, and of course action sports and the great outdoors.
  • Focus our energy on YouTube: We may be bias, but we have taken a liking to YouTube as our social media platform of choice, and we believe that YouTube or video platforms are the future of social media for business. You can expect to see more vlogs and video content from us.
  • Work with outdoor brands that want more authenticity in their content marketing: We want to work with brands that care about something and believe in their values. 
  • Donate our time and profits to causes that support protecting the environment: We really want to make a difference in our community by donating our profits and time to charities that care about the environment (know of any great charities? Let us know! We are on the lookout.)
  • Inspire others to live a life consuming less stuff: We want to show people how easy it is to make an impact on the environment and to do good for the world. So we aim to use our platform to inspire and educate people.
  • Help fellow van dwellers or van people wanna be’s: We love van life, and we want to be a source of inspiration and information to people that are interested in pursuing this lifestyle. We also want to help bring our fellow van people community closer together.


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