Have you ever used the phrase "Cody has a good eye for outdoor photography" or "Lexi has an eye for design". Well, not necessarily those exact phrases but you get the idea. We're talking about having a good eye! What the heck does that mean? Are you born with it? Is it something you learn over time? What makes someone believe someone else has a good eye? Is there a bad eye? Yikes. 

A good eye means to be observant of the world around you. You are a perceptive person and can appraise things well or skillfully. You can see the big picture and notice the small details others may overlook. 

Having that 'good eye' for photography gives the photographer the upper hand. There are so many people who constantly ask pros what type of equipment do you use, what lenses should I buy, what camera works the best? You can have all the top of the line equipment in the world, but without that eye, there is so much missing in the resulting photographs. We all realize that it's not so much about the lens, camera, or equipment you's all about the photographer behind the lens.

So, how do beginners and professional photographers find that special recipe for the best damn photograph they have ever taken? Learning how to develop a 'good eye'!  

Even without all the fancy equipment, even if you don't think you are creative enough. I'm going to show you how to develop a Good Eye! Do you want to be a great photographer? Maybe its to look cool on instagram, learn new skills to beef up your business, or even start your career. If you are a beginner, heck even if you are a pro this guide will inspire you, push you to think outside of the box, and guide you in the right direction to creating more visually appealing images.


“Hi, my name is Lexi and i’m the Creative Director at State of Mind Studio. Ever since I first started photography I remember my mom telling me that I had a ‘good eye’. 15 years later, I asked myself..what the heck is a good eye? And is a good eye something you are born with or is it something that you can learn? After extensive research on the topic I discovered that there is much more to learning photography than the technical aspect of it.

That’s where the Good Eye Guide comes into play. The Good Eye Guide is a digital guide book that will help you develop an eye for discovering a great shot before you even take the picture."