6 Signs It's Time To Rebrand Your Business


If you don't know already, we are reinventing ourselves over here. 

We have decided to rename and rebrand our entire business. So, we wanted to tell you exactly what made us decide to take on such a huge task. We are hoping this will help you decide if it's time to rebrand your business.

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Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, let's get into things.

1. YOUR GOALS HAVE shifted.

Cody and I have realized that our goals have shifted from when we first started our business a couple of years ago. This is a major reason why a lot of people want to rebrand, a shift in what is important to your business can drastically change the way you present yourself. We realized that because our goals have shifted, that we need to represent that in our brand.


Two years ago, when we started our business we were in college and we lived in downtown Portland. Now we live in a van and travel all over the country. Our identity is much different now that we are living this lifestyle, so our original brand no longer aligns with our new identity.  If you are going through a major change like moving to a different state or country, adding new partners to your business, or something has altered your life drastically it may be time to rebrand and even rename yourself. It happens.


Here's one question to ask yourself. Are you attracting the right kinds of clients or customers to your business? When we were talking about rebranding State of Mind, we thought about the types of clients that we have worked with in the past, and the types of work we want in the future. We are looking to attract a different crowd for our future projects.  Our brand no longer supports our target client. Brands always come down to customer perception, and we want to be able to show our expertise and the value in our offerings. By rebranding ourselves we are able to reshape the way our potential clients perceive us as.


Branding is all about competitive differentiation. State of Mind Studio blends in with the masses. If you check out any outdoor company, outdoor photographer, or adventure inspired creative studio..They all look the same. We don't want to be vanilla in our industry, we want to be jamocha almond fudge. Our current branding does not stand out from our competition, because we look a lot like everyone else. We want to take our business out of the sameness of our market and create something 100% original and completely different. By repositioning ourselves we are able to make our brand more visible to the world by offering something more unique.

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The way our brand is perceived by our customers, clients, and audience should be aligned with the behind the scenes. So, for us..this choice to rebrand is what will help us stand out from our competitors.


Business strategy is really important. Every year we sit down and figure out our strategy, this can include our mission, values, audience..etc. If at any point your business model or strategy changes drastically it may be time to rebrand your business. We felt that our new strategy needed a good platform. By rebranding ourselves we are able to give our new strategy the proper support it needs to attract the right types of people to our business.


If you've outgrown your brand and are looking to scale your business it's probably the perfect time to rebrand. If you've seen a lot of success, or gains in your business and you want to raise your rates, prices, or anything else you should consider rebranding. In order to compete at a higher level with the more successful brands, it can be necessary to ditch your old brand. State of Mind Studio is ready to retire. The name no longer fits us, our message and strategy have changed, we want to be unique and stand out, our identity has changed, and our goals have changed. We have outgrown our business and its time to get a makeover.

If you are thinking it's time to rebrand your business make sure that it's necessary. Sometimes it can be desirable to have a new identity, but you need to build off what you have before changing everything and you need to have really good reasons. Changing your brand too much can result in loss of interest and trust from your audience.

If you are ready, we are taking on branding clients right now and would love to help you reinvent your wheel. We have a detailed research process that goes into every project. If you are interested head over to our services page to check out our packages.

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