A marketing campaign using photography.

Project details

We were thrilled to work together with North Agency to create content and tell a visual story for Stanley-PMI's new Master Series Collection, which they were featuring at this years Outdoor Retailer Show. 

The problem North was facing? Finding someone in a short amount of time to commit to creating content while driving all the way from Seattle to Salt Lake City in less than 24 hours. The idea was to prove that Stanley's Master Series Collection will keep your coffee hot for 40 hours. (It did, in case you were wondering). 

We proved this as a fact by starting at 6am at Analog Coffee in Seattle to fill all of the thermoses being delivered to PR reps and then spent the next 17 hours driving, and documenting our journey to the Outdoor Retailer Show. This included taking photos and editing them along the way, sending them hour by hour updates of where we were, including small captions with our photos in order for North to repost and understand what we were doing at the time, and putting together 15 completely different individual scrapbook journals. You can check out the SEAtoSLC instagram right here,  Stanley also shared images from the trip using Instagram Stories.

Scope of work:

  • Create and document our adventure from SEAtoSLC.
  • Edit and Upload content every hour for North to update social platforms.
  • Deliver thermoses on time and make sure the contact received them.
  • Make sure each thermos had a name/coffee/and matching scrapbook journal.


"Lexi and Cody captured some great content, have a great eye for good photos, and killed it with creating great looking journals while driving. It was amazing how quickly they were able to make the trip, as well as their willingness to wake up early and drive through the night to get the job done."

- Stuart Perkins, Director/Social Content NORTH AGENCY