Chillbachi ice grill



Chillbachi Ice Grill is a Thai rolled ice cream food cart based out of LA. We helped our client develop a brand direction, name, and identity. While developing the name we felt that it needed to be unique, entice curiousity when people are walking by, be suitable for all ages, and also focus on creating a fun atmosphere and experience for it’s customers. The market for this type of ice cream is popping up everywhere, so we had to figure out a brand that could compete with everyone else. 

The name was inspired by hibachi grill restaurants, which are a Japanese style of cooking. The chef cooks over a hot grill with flames, esentially putting on a show for the hungry customers. Chillbachi is essentially the same, putting on a show, but this time for a frozen dessert over a icy, freezing grill. The name is catchy and made sense for the brand. We used colors and imagery inspired by glaciers and the arctic. Our clients were looking for something modern that would fit in with LA and it's trendy style eatery, but they also wanted to keep it a little playful without looking too much like a yogurt shop.

The result? A modern refined brand identity that makes you feel a little chilly. This brand is cool, laid back, and professional. The icons give the brand a little more spunkiness, which will help this food cart to stand out and compete with LA and it's trendy foodie crowd.


"We decided to work with State of Mind on the branding for our new business because we felt like their lifestyle of traveling would help us connect to the many different audiences we were trying to reach. 

The thing we were most nervous about was making the climb to the finish line, and trusting the process of discovery. But, as our work progressed we were really impressed by the professional nature of all our interactions. Meetings were scheduled, invoices were sent, confirmations were sent. Also, the way we used our time was efficient.

The best thing about working with State of Mind was getting the best possible end result we could ever imagine. A fantastic name, direction, logo, and brand package. We wouldn’t change a thing about our work together and we think that anyone that needs these valuable services would greatly benefit from their time working with Lexi & Cody."

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